Ricky McMountain.

Ricky McMountain World Wide Sleep Chamber Standards


Sleep Chamber Standards

The science: Deep sleep

Deep sleep is a special state of sleep. It is the only state of sleep where your brain starts a special cleaning and repair process which is completely unlike any other cleaning and repair process in your body. Anyone not obtaining adequate deep sleep is more open to disease. Science is strongly suggesting that lack of deep sleep causes the brain to clog with amyloid plaques which cause dementia and other motor control disease and issues. Additionally science is strongly suggesting that diabeties, weight gain, cancer and a host of other ailments are directly related to lack of deep sleep.

Designed to meet and exceed psysiological and psychological requirements for deep sleep

The Ricky MvMountain sleep chamber standards meet and exceed the physiological and psychological requirements for deep sleep. Physiological requirements for deep sleep for the human body is in, a comfortable, cool, dark, quiet place, where you feel safe and secure and free of interruptions. Psychological requirements: the occupant must believe they are safe and secure. To meet these requirements a standards meeting sleep chamber must be strong (they are) and the occupant must be able to stop any unwanted entry into the chamber. The occupant can secure the doors - only from the inside. There is nothing on the outside to help any evil doer gain entrance.

Psychological continued

Sleep chambers built to Ricky's standards are capable of withstanding explosions, heavy impacts and can support enormous weights. They can withstand a house being ripped apart by a Tornado. You could sleep with a Rhinocerous and a couple of Elephants on top, during a tornado, and, still be safe, most times. They can keep the occupant warm during prolonged power failures. Even in extreme cold you can survive. The single size is more than large enough for 2 people in deep freeze temperatures or other emergencies.

Use anywhere inside yet specifically designed for basement use.

Basements are the most secure, safe and best able to maintain temperature in a building. They are also the quietest place in most homes. Basement use frees up the rest of your house for all other uses OR you can rent them out to tenants. Many larger cities around the world have a housing shortage AND many retired seniors that will run out of money because they will live too long. These are the sleep chambers that will be used to solve the problem of retired seniors running out of money and help solve the housing crisis. see www.rickymcmountainfamilytrust.com for further information.

Engineering and Diagrams.

Sleep Chamber Standards. They are made of 1 1/2 inch solid wood. Designed to last a minimum of 100 years with minimal upkeep. Which means in 100 years they will look and work just like a new one would. The entire sleep chamber is finished with tung oil. Tung oil resists rot and mildew. Added to Tung oil are specific amounts of other essential oils to stop dry termites and help deter spiders and deter other pests to stay away. Nothing is toxic. The finish is food safe too. They are not dependant on electricity. The head section can be easily raised and lowered to the exact tilt you want from inside using the hand winch. It's easy! The stack effect is fully under the occupants control.

NOTE: A full engineering diagram along with CNC milling programs will be here once any changes that are needed are made.